Dynamics Portals Generic Error

Fantastic Portals Error Logs and Where to Find Them

If you have worked with Portals in Dynamics 365 then you will have come across the generic error and very unhelpful text below. The latest version allows you to access this log now but where is it and why can I not find this on the Microsoft Docs site? Read on to find out more.

We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again, and if this persists, contact the website administrator.
Error ID # [76548e58-e836-4515-9e5f-f81915d612fc]


Dynamics Portals Generic Error

The error is a generic error that is displayed anytime there is a Portals platform error of some kind and up to now we, as Dynamics Portals customisers/developers, could not access the logs to see what is going on. The only way to resolve this has been to involve Microsoft Support and wait the weeks (or months as I recently found) it can take for them to investigate and fix.

New Portals Features for Access Portal Error LogsThat is the past. Reading the latest release notes with interest I see that Access portal error logs has appeared in version so I rush over to my portal, which has recently updated, to see if I can find it. First the admin screen has an error, will raise that with Microsoft Support but my suspicion is that is where I would see this. So I try to find more about this new feature in the documentation site https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/customer-engagement/portals

MS Docs Site Search with No ResultsImagine my surprise when I cannot find anything with error in the title, what gives?! Surely if there is a new feature then the Docs site should have a new topic added to cover this new feature? Well, turns out they do, just not on my regional variant of the site.

MS Docs Site Search with Results for ErrorThose eagle-eyed out there may notice I have been using the British version of the site as you can see in the URL above (…/en-gb/…). A quick search on Google returned the results for the same site but the US version (…/en-us/…) and on this site there is a topic that covers View portal error logs.

The moral of this story? Always check the US version of Docs to get the latest information… https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/portals

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