Publish changes to CRM Portals

A new feature of Dynamics 365 is the ability to add a Web Portal for access to the CRM by way of a web front end. This is a modified form of the ADX Studio Portals project bought by Microsoft previously and can be enabled directly in the Office 365 admin portal and configured via the CRM and website (with the correct user role assigned). Continue reading “Publish changes to CRM Portals”

Field Services Schedule Board – Unknown Error

Dynamics 365 Schedule Board - Unknown error

Error messages can be useful but some are downright useless! This one is an example of the latter but a more useful error later led me to the solution. If you have seen the error above on loading the Schedule Board then read on for a possible solution. Continue reading “Field Services Schedule Board – Unknown Error”

ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)(JavaScript-ish) is here, time to use it

It’s true, the title of this post is a little odd. But then, the history of JavaScript is too. Recently I have been trying to get a better understanding of the web technologies out there and how I can use them within the CRM or standalone projects. This has inevitably led me to the realisation that I am woefully out of date. Continue reading “ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)(JavaScript-ish) is here, time to use it”

Dynamics 365 has a Site Map editor!

Site Map XML

Long has it been a crazy thing that the only way to edit the Site Map has been to export a solution with the SiteMap XML included and then hand edit that to your needs (as in the title image). This pain caused the birth of a number of tools to make this process easier (XrmToolBox being the most popular) but nothing officially released from Microsoft to support their own product; that is, until now. Continue reading “Dynamics 365 has a Site Map editor!”