Fantastic Portals Error Logs and Where to Find Them

Dynamics Portals Generic Error

If you have worked with Portals in Dynamics 365 then you will have come across the generic error and very unhelpful text below. The latest version allows you to access this log now but where is it and why can I not find this on the Microsoft Docs site? Read on to find out more.

We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again, and if this persists, contact the website administrator.
Error ID # [76548e58-e836-4515-9e5f-f81915d612fc]

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Field Services Schedule Board – Unknown Error

Dynamics 365 Schedule Board - Unknown error

Error messages can be useful but some are downright useless! This one is an example of the latter but a more useful error later led me to the solution. If you have seen the error above on loading the Schedule Board then read on for a possible solution. Continue reading “Field Services Schedule Board – Unknown Error”